97116 2021 Calendar

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Nifty Prospectus (2021) - General audience art, odd as it may be.

Only Washington, Yamhill, and Columbia County Oregon Artists (Invite your friends)

What to know:

We only need a high resolution image, does not have to be a work in your possession
Work doesn’t have to be new, and can be something 97116 showed before
Any medium welcome, no specific orientation required
Selling square format calendars & 5x7 greeting cards (no, your image doesn't have to match these)
Must submit 3648 x 3648 pixel or larger high quality image to be considered for the cover contest
Deadline to submit: November 12, 2021

Three categories are you in the right one?
  • Nifty (general audience art, odd as it may be) [You Are Here]
  • Naughty (the stuff we would have had in the back room, not suitable for prudes or kids)
  • Naive (kids and self-described amateurs only)
Professionals may enter twice, one photo each in the Nifty and Naughty categories.
Naive artists limited to one entry.

What are we selling?

Square calendar(s) that can accommodate any image orientation and include all entering artists. Also, 25-pack 5x7 greeting cards for each individual image. If your work isn't 5x7, we'll crop to an aesthetic portion. All sales will be pre-order. Orders taken November 15-26. (This all assumes we get at least 12 usable images for at least one category 🙂

The commission will be as follows:
▪ All artists in the calendar share 50% of the profit after calendar printing costs, and we’ll keep 50% in the fund for next year’s big event.
▪ Greeting cards sales will be an 80/20 split, with artists receiving 80% after the cost of printing.

There is no fee to submit, but if you would like to support Facebook and Instagram advertisements, you are welcome to donate here: https://97116artshow.square.site/


Other deets: As you can see from this sample image, we were really taken with Marco Serido’s piece from 2019.

  • Upload work Oct 23 - Nov 12
  • Max size is 15MB and 5000px either dimension
  • Add wordpress@97116artshow.com to your trusted email list
  • After you upload one image, sign in using the email address and password emailed to you (You may need to search your inbox for WordPress)
  • City and Zip is included to confirm county of residence and will not display publicly

Tech Assistance

WordPress will send you an email after you upload your first image, it will contain your username and auto-generated password. Don't see it? Search your inbox for WordPress as it sometimes delivers to Spam and Junk. This login information will be yours for the duration of using the 97116 Art Show site, even if we call for artists in the future. (Assuming we stay with WordPress forever)

Once you're logged in, you will see a navigation tab that says, "YOUR IMAGES" from which you can edit your descriptions and titles, or delete the image in case of duplication or desire to use a better quality image, etc.

If you later see weird coding language, leave that part alone since Emily or I may have added a sales weblink. Submit any questions or correction requests outside of your control to 97116artshow@gmail.com.