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The show is coming, the show is coming!

Submissions will end October 31 unless otherwise noted.

Only Washington and Yamhill County residents are eligible to enter, all ages welcome. Minors under 13 must have parent submit entry. Everyone is welcome to attend the event on November 16 through the weekend.

Artists must submit for entry using our sponsor’s registration page. All details are listed at the link.

Thanks for your interest!

  1. Remember, work must be displayed in square format no larger than 9 x 9. You may mount an irregularly sized work onto or into a square to meet the requirement.
  2. Max 3 pounds and 6 inch depth for each work. Test your hung work to make sure the weight or depth does not cause it to face downward unless that’s your intention. It will still need to remain within its max 9×9 boundary.
  3. Delivered work must be ready to hang.
  4. Delivery is to likely be only one day, Wednesday Nov 14, with varied drop off times. Artists may choose a representative to deliver work.
  5. No reproductions. Original photography, printed graphic design, video stills, hand pulled printmaking, etc. qualify as original work the same as other traditional mediums.

Email an image of your work as soon as you can!
Images provided early may be placed in print advertising, those received later may only make it to web based publication. High quality for print, 300ppi and no larger than 3MB each.

You may change the specific quantity of sizes you registered as long as you stay within the 7 total piece limit and dimensional guidelines. Please email us once you are certain of your sizes.

Stay tuned for additional emails outlining preparation, delivery, volunteer opportunity, opening reception, work retrieval, and payout details. Feel free to reach out with any questions, Use 97116 in email subjects.

If you are willing to volunteer with receiving artwork, hanging the show, sales shift either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and/or packing up unsold work, PLEASE email us.