Email Correspondence to Artists

In case emails are filtering to SPAM or missing you altogether, we’re posting the information here too. They’re consolidated into one page. Please add to your contact list to improve delivery.

Last Chances to Deliver Artwork

There are still some blank spots in our volunteer Sign Up and I’ve added new ones plus the post-show deinstallation. Recruit your friends, family, whomever. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far!

Keep Spreading the Word
When you post your art, add #97116artshow and/or @97116artshow and we’ll try to remix or repost on our social media account.

Unsold Artwork Pickup – if roads get icy, I’ll cancel for safety

  • Sunday Nov 19, 6:15-7:45PM (delayed if no one volunteers to help us gather the work first)
  • Tuesday Nov 21, 12:00-1:30PM
  • Friday Nov 24, 5:30-6:30PM
  • Saturday Nov 25, 1:00-3:00PM
  • Tuesday Nov 28, 3:00-5:00PM
  • Tuesday Nov 28, 7:45-8:15PM
  • Thursday Nov 30, 3:00-5:00PM
  • Thursday Nov 30, 7:45-8:15PM

It’s okay to send a representative as long as they will confirm your payout method and sign that work is received.

During unsold artwork pickup, you will specify which payout method from the following, and give your username / address. PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Check. Payments will come from Emily, and should be completed by December 1st. If you choose to have a payment post mailed, factor extra time for USPS.

If you’re still working on this part…

  • Wiring canvas – Good video, though as a pro, I actually measure 1/3 down and use D-shaped fasteners.
  • No taping on wire, not even with duct or gorilla tape. E-6000 with 24 hours to cure is an option though. Just make a large enough puddle that covers the wire and plenty of the frame surface.
  • No Sawtooth hangers – However, as a compromise you can wire a loop on the sawtooth so we can hang it. Our S hooks can’t fit into sawtooth, so make sure it’s at least ½” loop opening and still do the bounce strength test listed at #3 here:
  • No Keyholes – Our S-hooks need a long length of recess, if your work only has a keyhole either add hanging hardware or bring an easel (marked with your name) for us to set it up on the 3D table
  • Sticky tabs – Are you just mat mounting your work and it’s lightweight? This is acceptable. Also okay for gessoed matboard. –
  • Doing hanging fiber art? It’s okay to have a string holding it from above. Best to attach the string to both the left and right instead of center.

These are just a few ways, maybe you’ve come up with a creative solution. Most pieces will be hung on S-hooks, so let that guide you if you’re coming up with something novel. We will reject anything that pulls loose during setup.


We are desperate for volunteers to help with pre-show setup, if a task you could do is listed but at a time that doesn’t work, please email with alternates and I’ll see what I can do. Maybe ask someone you know to volunteer, thanks for doing that Loni!  • New tasks have been added for preparation and reception.
Volunteer sign ups through SignUp Genius

Marketing – The easiest way for us to promote your art is if you follow all three of these steps
1. Make sure your Sharing and remixes is turned on under Settings and privacy
2. post as a reel on Instagram
3. tag @97116artshow in your caption that way we can remix and post it

Alternatives if you’re unsure or you prefer the general public not be able to reuse your content just @97116artshow or #97116artshow on your post and we’ll screenshot and add to our stories.

Your work isn’t ready? Then comment on or repost our reel:
▪ Instagram:
▪ Facebook:

Maximum Quantities

  • [4] Exhibited 2D hung or 3D tabled at 12 x 12 or smaller
  • [3] Matted or board-backed bin work at 16 x 20 or smaller – must have plastic protective sleeves.
  • [10] Cards – okay to label with one sticker each, must have name, artist #, and price. Should also have plastic protection to avoid fingerprints, but not required if you don’t have the sleeves.
  • [3] Adult-themed pieces at 16 x 20 or smaller (not sure if this was specified before, reach out if yours is larger)

Artist Numbers – at the bottom of this page and must be included on all of your labels.

May we borrow your grids or know someone?

Artwork drop dates – it’s okay to send a representative, approx 10 min intake process. If you don’t remember the guidelines, visit our site.

  • Sunday Nov 5th 12:00pm – 2:00pm
  • Thursday Nov 9th 12:30pm – 2:30pm (OR) 7:45pm – 8:15pm
  • Friday Nov 10th 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Saturday Nov 11th Noon – 3:00pm
  • Monday Nov 13th 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Tuesday Nov 14th 7:45pm – 8:15pm

Where? 2032 Pacific Avenue, Lower Level (Rear entrance & down the ramp)

YouTube short of how to get there: or the 

Google map: Artingales Cove – ” Parking lot access from Ash Street or Council Street. Okay to send a rep to drop your work, approx 10 minute intake.


attached and linked on our site under guidelines. Any work priced $100 or more must have (3) identical labels, two attached (okay to stack hinged with tape) and one loose for show tag. Work less than $100 only needs two labels, one attached to the back and one loose.

Example: (3) 8×10 2D pieces @$100, (1) 5×7 2D piece @$50. Adult themed, Cards, & Bin Work don’t impact the display area. Price can wait if you’re not sure yet. Thanks a million times over!
Cards & Bin Work

New this year!

  1. Artists may bring up to (3) matted or board-backed 2D bin work. 16 x 20 or smaller and $150 or less. Work must be in a sealed protective sleeve and delivered at the same time as other work.
  2. Artists may bring up to (10) greeting cards, limit your design selection as only a few will go in the rack at a time, then be replenished once sold. $10 or less, requires an envelope and protective sleeve. Cards must be delivered at the same time as other work.

We received a question about cards, do they need to be giclee or specially printed? No special printing requirements, but it would be nice to support our sponsor Gann Bros. Printing if you’ll be outsourcing the printing. They’re full service from digital to letterpress and everything between.

Bringing adult work? Maximum 3 pieces and 16″ x 20″ max size each.

Volunteer sign ups ready

Opening Reception:
Friday Nov 17, 6-10pm
with NO-HOST partners Ridgewalker Brewing & Vex Cocktails
Bring your ID and $ if you plan to drink.
Music by Pluto Roux
Saturday & Sunday exhibit hours 12-4pm

Benefitting local artists and Hope Community Network

Parking in the city lot behind the building. Lot accessible from Ash Street across from the fire station, it’s lower level down the ramp for the exhibit and upper floor to find Ridgewalker & Vex. Here’s a YouTube short of how to get there: or the Google map: Artingales Cove –

Facebook event link, mark yourself going and/or invite friends please.




five 0 three -9two9-4zero88 (texts welcome)

Artist Numbers

Artist NumberArtist
1Abigail Serido
2Adam Stare
3Aidan Jarvis
4Aiko Mckee
5Alexa Macias
6Amariany Keller
7Amy Jones
8Amy lee solomonson
9Anita Silva
10Anthony Huebner
11April Hoff
12Arliss Marcel
13Arturo Villaseñor
14Ashley Stare
15aAstronomy Domine
15bartist 1
15cartist 2
15dartist 3
15fartist 5
15gartist 6
15hartist 7
15iartist 8
15jartist 9
15NPNormal Flip
16Barb Sedgwick
17Bean Alcoke
18Beckett Holt
19Blake Duyck
20Brady Geiger
21Brayden Mcintosh
22Carolyn Pettitt
23Cece Applekamp
24Charlie Holt
25Charlotte Lumae
26Charmel Herinckx
27Cherie Savoie Tintary
28Chris Goldthorpe
29Christy Mooney
30David Mckee
31Dealiliah Jeschke
32Elise Wahl
33Eliza Stare
34Emily Lux
35Estella Bowers
36Eva Gough
37Finn Evey
38Frolic (Gail S Green)
39Gail Harris
40Gayle Pedemonte
41Geneva Houx
42Gordon Campbell
43Grayson Johnston
44Hailey De Marre
45Helvi Smith
46Hope Kramer
47Isla Brittain
48Jason Holt
49Jeanette Corriell
50Jeanne Levy
51Joann Kemper Fox
52Katana Mckee
53Katie Lux
54KC Wolfe
55Kelly Holt
56Laura Hopper
57Lily Conroy
58Linda Allen
59Linda Jerome
60Loni Sanders
61Lora Huebner
62Loxley Norman
63Mable Peterson
64Maggie Jeschke-Carrillo
65Marco Serido
66Marlo Brittain
67Martin Conley
68Maureen Zoebelein
69McKenzie Peterson
70Meeghen Gough
71Michael Gann
72Milo Alcoke
73Mollie Hammar
74Nader Khoury
75Nate Marcel
76Nick Gustafson
77Nicole Gann
78Noah Boyd
79Nora Cooper
80Orson Marcel
81Owen Stare
84Quinn Caron
85Rainbow Brite
86Riis Griffen
87Roy Miranda
88Ryan Mckee
89Selah Bryce
90Shesna Calkins
91Shiela Lesh
92Valerie pace Donley
93Vanaja mulagada
94Vivian Houx
95Willa G. Harrelson
96Zoe Stanek