Artist Guidelines

  1. Work must be displayed in any geometric format no larger than 12 x 12, even if framed. Squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles, pentagons, whatever. Bragging points if you pull off pentagons for our 5th year.
  2. Max 3 lbs and 6 inch depth for each hanging work. Test your hung work to make sure the weight or depth does not cause it to face downward unless that’s your intention. It will still need to remain within its max 12 x 12 boundary.
  3. Delivered work must be ready to hang or display. (no taped on or stapled wire) Test wire strength by hanging the piece on your thumb and bouncing your hand a few times. Did it break loose from your frame or snap?
  4. 3D work limited to 12 x 12 x 12 and 10 lbs. Must be ready to display and not easily tipped.
  5. No reproductions. Original photography, printed graphic design, video stills, hand pulled printmaking, etc. qualify as original work the same as other traditional mediums.

If you’re not sure how work is supposed to be displayed, check out the Artist Resources.

Email an image of your work as soon as you can!
Images provided early may be placed in print advertising, those received later may only make it to web based publication if there is time to share. High quality for print, 300ppi and no larger than 3MB each.

You may change the specific quantity you registered for as long as you stay within the 5 total piece limit and dimensional guidelines.

Your very important artist number must be on all pieces. You will receive your artist number shortly after submissions close. Your sales will be processed through this number and each piece must have it on the back. You are welcome to let the labels serve the purpose on pieces large enough, otherwise add your number to a hang tag.

Labels (x 2)
You will also be emailed these Word and PDF documents for labels, and we need one label securely affixed to the back of your work and one duplicate set filled, cut, and provided at drop-off so we can use them as show cards. Just use your best handwriting if the fillable PDF fields don’t work for you. If your work is too small for affixing, securely tape it to a hang tag. If there is room, you may also secure a business card to the back or bottom of your work.

All work submitted must be for sale.

Prices are due by Thursday Nov 10th, 11PM

Submit prices to (3 @ $40, 1 @ $60, etc) We’re building an electronic store for sales. All pieces must be priced at $150 or less. More price points means better sales.

Drop off will be Sunday Nov 12th or Monday Nov 13th, and you can send a representative. Additional days will be added if we can get volunteers, and available time slots will be published as we get closer to the show.

Unsold work pickup will be Sunday Nov 20th or Monday Nov 21st. Times will be determined once volunteer slots are filled, and there will definitely be evening hours available. You may send a representative if they’ll sign the return slip.

If you indicated you might volunteer, watch your email for available tasks and times. Thank you!