Paint the Town Business Q & A

Does my business need a special event to participate?

No, you can just list your business and its regular hours, address, services, etc.

Does my business need to be in Forest Grove?

Yes, we’re the 97116 Art Show and interested in boosting public engagement and tourism in Forest Grove. If your business zip code is 97116, you’re welcome to participate.

Is it really free?

Yes, you can list on our site free! Each year businesses can sponsor to be on the poster, the deadline is always Oct. 31.

Does my business need to be a brick and mortar?

No, but think about how you will engage the public for non-physical spaces and list that!

May my business list events leading up to that weekend?

Yes, but most of our audience will see Paint the Town advertised for the weekend. However, do keep it to the week leading up to the art show opening Nov 17th. Did your event already happen but the items are still for sale? List that! Thinking of your ornaments, A Framer’s Touch.

Is my business allowed more than one listing?

Yes, you may list multiple events that may be happening that weekend, or your extended hours separately from an “event.” Maybe you just want to list an item or service special you’ll have for the weekend. We’re pretty flexible and will let you know if it seems something doesn’t fit.

What if I make a mistake on my listing?

Simply revisit the form page and list again, then email us at to remove the incorrect listing. If it’s not obvious which is correct, give us an identifying descriptor in your message.

Do my hours need to match the 97116 Art Show?

No, you don’t have to match our hours. We open Nov 17th with the reception 6:00-10:00PM. Then the exhibit is open Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 4:00PM. Your hours can be whatever you like, extended or regular.

Is there a Paint the Town game this year?

No. We found that last year not many people participated and only a couple of businesses shared how it went for them. Instead of expending the effort for a complicated game, we encourage businesses to have their own giveaways to collect marketing info or traffic. Or not.

Why is 97116 Art Show only one weekend?

Our show is only one weekend because it creates a sense of urgency for viewers and shoppers, plus our volunteers don’t have unlimited time to host and sell the art. We have chosen the third weekend in November for a few reasons. It’s the peak start to Christmas shopping and artists who create toward demand are accustomed to making work available during bazaare season. Some of us also need a deadline to create new work 😉 We also didn’t want to compete with Valley Art’s long established Annual Artist Event opening.