Email Correspondence to Artists

In case emails are filtering to SPAM or missing you altogether, we’re posting the information here too. They’re listed in reverse order. Please add to your contact list to improve delivery.

Email #3

Hello, Artists!
Here we are, the last leg of the 4×400. Lots of information in this email, including your artist number assignment at the end.

Thank you to everyone who already sent prices, everyone else please send yours by tomorrow. Even if you haven’t finished the piece, it’s better for us to have the price and remove it later than to scramble during the flurry of sales opening night.

Your work doesn’t have to be newly made. We prefer new to the 97116 Art Show, but won’t be sticklers about that this year because it’s our anniversary! In other words, check out your art stock and give the info for 5 pieces that fit the size 🙂


You print your own – two copies for each piece. Put one label on the back of each piece, bring the other for us to use as a show card. They look best typed, but print legibly if handwriting. The files are attached to this email and available here: The PDF should be fillable.

Letting us borrow something? Bring with your art.

If you’re lending grids, tables, drink dispensers, etc, we prefer you bring during art drop off. Make sure you’ve labeled them with your name! With grids, the easiest way is to put a tape flag at the bottom with your name in permanent marker. If you said you can bring it, do, we’ll store it if we get too many.

Drop off times as listed Nov 13-14, at 2038 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove
Sunday Nov 13, 12:30PM-5:30PM
Monday Nov 14, 10:00AM-1:00PM
Monday Nov 14, 4:00PM-8:45PM


Wiring canvas – Good video, though as a pro, I actually measure 1/3 down and make each eye screw level.

No Sawtooth hangers – However, as a compromise you can wire a loop on the sawtooth so we can hang it. Our S hooks can’t fit into sawtooth, so make sure it’s at least ½” loop opening and still do the bounce strength test listed at #3 here:

Sticky tabs – Are you just mat mounting your work and it’s lightweight? This is acceptable. Also okay for gessoed matboard. –

Doing fiber art? It’s okay to have a string holding it from above. Best to attach the string to both the left and right instead of center.

These are just a few ways, maybe you’ve come up with a creative solution. Most pieces will be hung on S-hooks, so let that guide you if you’re coming up with something novel. We will reject anything that pulls loose during setup.

Keep Spreading the Word

When you post your art, add #97116artshow and/or @97116artshow

See the ad come across your feed? Share that directly if you want.

Unsold Artwork Pickup

Sunday Nov 20 6:15-7:45PM (delayed if no one volunteers to help me gather the work first)

Monday Nov 21, 1:00-3:30PM

Monday Nov 21, 6:00-9:00PM

It’s okay to send a representative as long as they will confirm your payout method and sign that work is received.


During unsold artwork pickup, you will specify which payout method from the following, and give your username. PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Check. Payments will come from Emily or my business Artingales, and should be completed by December 1st. If you choose to have a payment post mailed, factor extra time for USPS.


There are still some blank spots in our volunteer form responses, and Shiela has started sending messages to those who’ve already signed up. Please take a look at this form and sign up to offer time or lend whatever you can. There are plenty of opportunities to help out between November 13 and November 20. Recruit your friends, family, whomever. I’ll take a look at the artist registration form responses and see if we’ve missed anyone who said they can help and we’ll get back to you too!

A couple of request-to-borrow items we forgot to list:

Zip ties

Duct tape

1 black trash bag per a handful of people

Party time!

The opening reception is Friday Nov 18, 6:00-10:00PM.

  • Ridgewalker Brewing & Vex Cocktails for alcoholic drinks
  • Vex is even doing a non-alcoholic cocktail!
  • plenty of non-alcoholic options for those that prefer hydration.
  • a jam band for live musical entertainment
  • food by Forest Grove Sandwich Shop, augmented by Costco snack section.

Paint the Town – Do it!

You might as well enjoy some of the fun before and after too. There are special events and an optional code collecting game giving you a chance at local prizes. This full event list is almost complete:

More info was contained in our previous emails found here: However, I might have forgotten something, so after checking there please ask.

Artist Numbers

1A Mist of Horses
2Alexa Macias
3Amy L Solomonson
4Amy Osborne
5Amy Tracewell
6Anita Silva
7April Hoff
8Arliss Marcel
9Arturo Villasenor
10Austin Silva
11Barb Sedgwick
12Blake Duyck
13Brenna Adams
14Calvin Bowersox
15Carny Val
16Caroline Green
17Charlie Holt
18Charlotte Lumae
19Charmel Herinckx
20Cherie Savoie Tintary
21Chloe Kramer
22Chris Goldthorpe
23Christine Hurayt
24Christine Mooney
25Cori Cummings
26Dan Hatcher
27David Ewald
28David Marinos
29David Mckee
30Dealiliah Jeschke
32Dianne Muhly
34Elina Zebergs
35Elise Wahl
36Eliza Stare
37Elizabeth Simpson
38Emily geiger
39Emily Lux
40Eric Loftin
41Esmeralda Hernandez
43Fletch Grylls
44Frolic (Gail S Green)
45Gayle Kemper
46Geneva Houx
48Gordon Campbell
49Gregor Yanega
50Helvi smith
51Icarus Mac Millan
52Isla James Brittain
53Izzy g
54James Bamford
55Jason Holt
56Jeanette Corriell
57Jeanne Levy
58Jeffrey Hall
59Jemma Bosotina
60Joann Kemper
61John-Brian White
62Julie Bosotina
63Katana Mckee
64Kathie M Ellis
65Katie Lux
66Kayla Duyck
67Kelly Holt
68Laura Hopper
69Leslie Boser
70Liam McLaughlin
71Lieta Gratteri
72Lily Conroy
73Lily Nevers
74Linda Allen
75Linda Jerome
76Loni Sanders
77Lora Huebner
78Lorraine Warren
79Loxley Norman
80Maggie Jeschke-Carrillo
81Marco Serido
82Mason Conroy
83Matt Johnston
84Megan Wright
85Nader Khoury
86Naomi Millis
87Natalie Hernandez
88Nate Marcel
89Nick Gustafson
90Noah Boyd
92Orson Marcel
93Owen Stare
94Patti Isaacs
95Phyllis Jean Fulton
96Rene Worthey
97Rick Stare
98Riis Griffen
99Roy Miranda
100Sabina Bair
101Sarah Gonzalez
102Sarah Rikaz
104Shesna Calkins
105Shiela Lesh
106Sierra Gustafson
107Skylar Dunthorn
108Stacey Smeltzer
109Stephanie Woods
110Valerie pace Donley
111Vanaja Mulagada
112Vivian Houx
113Willa G. Harrelson
114Zoe Stanek

Email #2

I’ve decided to compile emails each time I send them so you don’t have to dig through old emails. 

Registration extended to 11:59PM Sat Nov 5th, if you have friends that said they’re in the show but they’re not on the list linked here within 24 hours, they’re not in the show yet. They need to register here or reach out by 11PM 11/5 if they had trouble with the form.


We’ve surpassed the 100 artists mark, so that means we’ll need a lot of volunteers and grids! Please take a look at this form and sign up to offer time or lend whatever you can. There are plenty of opportunities to help out between November 13 and November 20. Recruit your friends, family, whomever.


If you don’t already know, our show is in the old News Times building this year. It’s the corner of Ash and Pacific, 2038 Pacific Avenue

Are you a 3D artist? It’s important that we get an accurate feel for 3D work in time to rent a sufficient number of tables. Please let us know right away when you’ve settled on how many pieces you’ll bring.

Opening reception

The opening reception is Friday Nov 18, 6:00-10:00PM. We’ll have Ridgewalker Brewing & Vex Cocktails for alcoholic drinks, and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for those that prefer hydration. We’ve arranged for a jam band to play, and food arrangements are still in progress.

Of note, we are a grab, pay, take show. That means people just take art right off the hook and pay for it. No holds, no presales, no not-for-sale work. If you have someone that wants work you’ve made for the show, don’t bring it. Just sell it and keep all of your $, you deserve it.


Whole dollar increments only, from $1 to $150 on your 5 show pieces. If you’ve added up to 3 extra adult pieces, their price may be more than $150. More price points means better sales. However, if you sell more than $600  worth, your payout will be delayed so we can get your W9 for 1099 reasons.

Prices are due by Thursday Nov 10th, 11PM

Submit prices to We’re building an electronic store for sales. 

By the way, it helps if you just email all of the prices at once so we can copy and paste under your name in one fell swoop. No need for size, title is good though. If you’re an “untitled” kind of person, use Untitled #1, Untitled #2, etc.

Unsold work pickup will be Sunday Nov 20th and Monday Nov 21st. Times will be determined once volunteer slots are filled, and there will definitely be evening hours available. You may send a representative if they’ll sign the return slip.


Thank you to those that have been tagging @97116artshow on social media!

Posters and postcards should be hanging very soon, our printer had equipment failure and is in catch up mode, but they’ll probably be up right after the Great Flood of 2022. If you know you want to leave some postcards or a poster somewhere, let me know and I’ll make sure enough are printed.

Social media links
Facebook event link
Follow on Instagram 
When you post your art, add #97116artshow and/or @97116artshow

What to expect from next email: Artist number assignments & Show tag/label forms for you to print and fill out.

Thanks for being in the show, it’s getting real!



Email #1

Hello, Artists.

Save this email for future reference, and expect more as we draw closer.

Yes, 3D is in the show this year!


It’s a form, just type your name in the sections you can help and Shiela, our volunteer coordinator, will email you when the schedule is finalized. Her email address is [redacted to avoid spam] if you need to reach out.

*Please solicit helpers, they don’t have to be in the show. Just send them the form, or email Shiela if they aren’t sure how to fill it out.

Some items you’ll find:

  • Have hanging grids we can borrow?
  • Want to help with art intake?
  • Have a penchant for display?

Email an image of your work as soon as you can!

Images provided early may be placed in print advertising, those received later may only make it to web based publication if there is time to share. High quality for print, 300ppi and no larger than 3MB each.

Adult pieces don’t count toward your 5 maximum, you may enter (3) additional adult pieces. Maximum size is 36″ length either side, but smaller is more likely to sell. No maximum price for adult pieces. These works will be cordoned off and have a door guard, organizers reserve the right to decide what constitutes work not suitable for general audiences.

Share on social media!
Facebook event link
Follow on Instagram 
When you post your art, add #97116artshow and/or @97116artshow

Drop off times as listed Nov 13-14, at 2038 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove
Sunday Nov 13, 12:30PM-5:30PM
Monday Nov 14, 10:00AM-1:00PM
Monday Nov 14, 4:00PM-8:45PM

You may send a representative to drop your work for you as long as you’ve filled out your labels. Have them plan on a few minutes to check everything before leaving.


Remember to follow the guidelines listed on the Artists Guidelines page. Organizers have the right to refuse work that does not meet criteria. This page also contains links to a PDF or Word file for your labels. 

Artist Number

Your artist numbers will be assigned sometime after registration has ended Oct 31. 

We’re doing Paint the Town again, a citywide event Nov 16-20 to bring in more people. Game boards and local business prizes should be incentive. Visit for more information.

Proceeds from this year’s show will go to Hope Community Network. “The mission of the Hope Community Network (HCN) is to provide stable, trauma-informed housing for people experiencing homelessness in and around Forest Grove, OR.”

Thank you for joining the show! Your friends only have until Oct 31 to join us by registering. Feel free to reach out with any questions.