Nate Marcel

I absolutely love drawing and teaching. I’ve been a drawing instructor at Portland Community College since 2005. I have been drawing with the intention of improvement since as early as I can remember and began painting seriously in 1995. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in drawing, painting and printmaking, and my MFA from Portland State University in 2003. 

Although I work in mixed genres and multiple media my work is always directly anchored in the drawing experience. I have trained as a fine artist and have studied fine arts extensively, including architecture and both modern and ancient sculpture, but the majority of my skills have centered around my first love; illustration. My heaviest influences include Silver Age sequential art, Secession movement artists, The Cubists, 19th Century illustration and art from the Northern Renaissance. My tastes are also eclectic, dipping heavily into the naive well of Outsider, Art Brut and Kitsch culture.

- this artist from washington county -

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