Zine Cover Art

Zine Cover Art Submissions

Front Cover of 97116 Art Scene Zine with artist April Hoff's drawing. Vol 1 Issue 1Please submit any black and white artwork for publication consideration in future issues of the 97116 Art Scene Zine. By submitting you agree to follow the listed criteria and understanding that no compensation is given at this time since the zine is free to the public. The zine is printed on a black and white laser printer that may not accurately depict subtle value changes. If you want your socials to show online with the image, paste the full URL into the description field.

IMPORTANT: If you have ever submitted an image to the 97116 Art Show website, you need to sign in with your username and password or use a different email address. Email april@97116artshow.com if you need your username and a password reset.

Images must follow all of these criteria to be considered

  • Must be black and white
  • Must be at least 1080px each dimension
  • Must be in focus unless blur is part of the art
  • Must be artist's original work
  • Must be square or vertical rectangle
  • May be a crop of a larger work
  • Must be suitable for general audiences
  • May include a one-to-two sentence artist statement in desription

Cover selection is at the sole discretion of the editor, audience votes on images may or may not be taken into consideration. By uploading you are granting the 97116 Art Show limited license to display the image on its website and, if chosen, in the zine. Thank you for participating!